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Xris Omotesa Krav Maga

Assistant Instructor | Jason Borden

Jason Borden |  Krav Maga Assistant Instructor

Having spent years as an independent metropolitan courier, Jason Borden routinely visited the most dangerous areas of Memphis. Though he hadn't experienced an attack on the job thus far, some close encounters honed his interest in self-defense and situational awareness to the point that he sought instruction.

He found the Krav Maga Center almost by serendipity, when his girlfriend at the time stumbled upon a Living Social coupon for some trial classes. Seizing that opportunity, he began training under Xris Omotesa in late spring 2011.

The ruthlessly practical and highly aggressive nature of the system, particularly as presented by Xris' high intensity instruction of the Krav Maga Global curriculum, deeply appealed to Jason, and what began as a practical concern and extension of his fitness regimen morphed into a passion which led him to train so rigorously as to become a daily fixture around the school.

A year later, Jason decided to combine Krav Maga with his love of empowering others, and began his journey to become a Krav Maga Global instructor by attending his first General Instructor Course in Dallas, TX, with plans to continue his growth as both practitioner and instructor of what many consider the world's most effective hand to hand combat system.

Aside from Krav Maga, Jason is a fitness enthusiast and aspiring trainer, musician, free lance sound designer for youth theater

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