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Grading & Progression in Krav Maga Global

Grading & Progression

The Krav Maga grading system is divided into 3 main categories; Practitioner, Graduate and Expert Levels.

Kravmagaxfit students are members of Krav Maga Global(KMG) and as such can participate in classes, testing or workshops/seminars worldwide where they see the KMG logo by simply showing their KMG Passport, which they receive after taking their first test. Most Krav Maga students are ready for the level 1 test after 3 months of training and there after every 4-6 months (dependent on regular and intensive training).

Each level has its own badges of merit which are colour coded as described. Please be aware our badge designs are changing over the next few months and will be updated here accordingly.

Practitioner Level (P1-P5)

These are Krav Maga students. Student's uniforms have white trim & design. Their grading patches are brown with black bars. 2 bars = Practitioner Level 2 (P2)

Graduate Level (G1-G5)

These are mainly Krav Maga instructors, although there may be Graduate level students who have not taken the instructors certification. Instructor's uniforms have red trim. Graduate’s grading patches are dark blue with silver bars. 5 bars = Graduate Level

Expert Level (E1-E5)

These are high level instructors. Usually specializing or assisting in other areas such as Law Enforcement or Special Units, in addition to their general qualification. Expert Instructor's uniforms have gold trim. Their grading patches are black with gold bars. 1 bar = Expert Level 1 (E1)

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