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Krav Maga Principles

Our Focus

Our primary focus is your safety. We use very tactical and proven methods to raise your awareness and as a result increase your ability to read dangerous situations so you can respond accordingly.

Our Program covers and teaches Krav Maga as close to its original inception as it is outside of Israel.

We are the only program in the area that has a direct link to Israel being a Krav Maga Global affiliate with our instructors being trained and certified directly by Eyal Yanilov the succesor to the founder of the system in Israel.

We teach Krav Maga that can be learnt  and used by everyone not just the young and athletic; We teach self defense utilizing  Krav Maga (IKMF /KMG ) principles, mentality and  techniques. No high flying kicks, no Katas, No forms. You will rise to the moment if it comes along.

We decided to pursue our training and affiliation with KMG because we believe it has the highest training standards. This decision was made after training Krav Maga with different organizations (Worldwide, Maor, IKMA) etc.

We like the KMG teaching methodology and its focal points during training. Here are some of the key reasons why we went with KMG as a training organization:
1. The curriculum addresses threats from a global perspective and as a result is consistently updated
2. The focal part of this organization is training, training and more training. We will do enough repititions to build muscle memory.
3. It is available in most countries so it is a consistent learning curve on the road
4. The focus is still Krav Maga as defined in the beginning and isn't distracted by the recent popularity of MMA.
5. Instructor training is very detailed, intense but not guaranteed.
6. We focus on tactical  as well as Physical.
7.We are a close knit group so the instructor training is monitored There are no belts for life in this system. You stop training you are out!
Read this Excerpt from Alan Predolin, KMG US Director


We want to stay out of them. We have no time for politics and dont tolerate it either! The area has great MMA schools, great instructors and other choices for training and we encourage you to try them. If we do not meet your needs we will be more than happy to refer you to other places.

We have built our self defense classes around the best and largest Krav Maga Organization in the world whose roots can be traced and are excellent as a resource.

Signup for a free trial, come train, add more to your toolbox and have some fun.

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