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Krav Maga Training Facility

10 Reasons to train with us

Why Train Here

1. We are the only school within a 300 mile radius affiliated with Israel, the source of Krav Maga.

2.We are not a gym! We are a training organization.

3. We have the only instructors continually tested by Eyal Yanilov, head of the Krav Maga Global ( Our Instructors are tested both in the US and in Israel.

4. All of our instructors have instructors. We have rigorous continuing education requirements.

5.We are not a franchise type business in which instructors just attend a few weeks of training.

6.Our facilities have additional programs designed to enhance Krav Maga training, not water it down.

7. We teach a tactical system, not just a technical one. This means we are totally committed to making sure our students train in class to match real life. Knowing the technique and knowing when and where to apply it are totally different things.

8.We focus on self defense using Krav Maga as a system not as a bunch of techniques

9.There is one degree of separation between us and the founder of Krav Maga.

10. Our system is not watered down. We keep it simple but efficient.

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