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Xris Omotesa Krav Maga

Instructor | Xris Omotesa

Xris Omotesa | Krav Maga Instructor

Xris Omotesa stumbled upon Krav Maga in 2007 while looking for a physical activity to keep him in shape for his newborn activeson. Krav Maga was growing in popularity and self defense was becoming more top-of-mind so he started training.

After reaching a ceiling with his training in Memphis, Xris sought and tried out other forms of Krav Maga under different organizations in different cities. While in London, he came across Krav Maga Global and the rest became history. Its aggressive style, refined teaching methodology and international presence made it a perfect fit for him.

In 2009 fueled by a desire to understand the system better and get closer to its roots in Israel he sought out Eyal Yanilov the head instructor and successor to the founder of the system and started training under his protégé Alan Predolin, Director of Krav Maga Global, USA.

In 2010 Xris started his instructor training with Eyal Yanilov and the Krav Maga Global team out of Israel. He has since completed his Instructor training and is currently one of a handful of Krav Maga Global instructors certified by Eyal Yanilov in the USA and currently the only Certified Krav Maga Intructor in Africa.
He also completed his Personal Protection Training with highly ranked former Israeli Special force Instructor Aaron Cohen

Xris has made it a point to continue to grow as a practitioner and gain different perspectives to the system by travelling to train with different Krav Maga Instructors and also attends other various instructor camps globally. He trains and recertifys at KMG Krav Maga Camps yearly in Israel and has trained in numerous countries such as Austria, Germany, Hungary, UK, Netherlands, Poland, Belgium,, Austria, Germany, Hungary, UK, Netherlands, Poland and throughout the US. He is currently in the process of setting up a training school in Tanzania.

Away from Krav Maga, Xris manages Xsecurex Solutions a consulting firm that specializes in Cyber Digital & Personal Security solutions. He is inspired by his two great kids and loving wife Niani


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