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Krav Maga Training Facility

House Rules

We have put together some house rules that we hope you would acknowledge and respect while training at the Krav Maga Center.  You can download a copy of our waiver here

Download Krav Maga Center Waiver

1. Under no circumstance can you participate in any activity at the Krav Maga Center without signing a waiver.

2. For safety reasons, kids aren't allowed on the training floor outside of their scheduled classes  without  guardian supervision.

3. For your safety and others we have the right to refuse you from training if you have any open sores, rashes or visible skin lesions

4. For the respect of yourself and others, please wear clothes that are appropriate to the activity.  We have the right to refuse you training if we think you are not dressed appropriately

5. If you have training restrictions due to religion, size or health  please speak to the instructor  and we'll try to accomodate you to the best of our ability. 

6. Our primary focus is self defense, if you are here to satisfy your ego or  prove what you already know go somewhere else.

7 For your personal safety you cannot wear jewelry on the training floor. If you have piercings that are permanent please tape them up.

8. We have the right to refuse or terminate your membership if we find out you have a felony record. We cater to women, Kids and law enforcement and we want  to keep it safe for everyone. 

9. No firearms, Drugs or Alcohol are  permitted on the premises. NO Exceptions

10. We take our training very seriously, If you become a distraction to yourself or others we will respectfully ask you to leave the premises

11. Please be very respectful and considerate while training with your partner

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