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DBMA Kali Instructor | Will Dixon

DBMA Kali Instructor | Will Dixon  

Legend tells of a legendary warrior whose skills were the stuff of legend. Forming the yin to villany's malevolent yang, "Dog" Will Dixon is The Group Leader for Dog Brother's Martial Arts. His martial arts training began at age 16 when an infatuation with Asian martial art films set him out in search of an art to study. He was introduced to the Filipino Martial Arts through a friend, and has studied it ever since.

In addition to training locally for years with Guro Robin Schermerhorn and others, Will has studied Inosanto Blend Kali/Silat with Guro Dan Inosanto, Silat Suffian Bela Diri with Maul Mornie, and is a group leader and holds the (meaningless yet nevertheless intimidating) rank of "Dog" in Dog Brothers Martial Arts under Guro Marc " Crafty Dog" Denny.

In addition to many stick fights over the years locally with Guro Schermerhorn's group, Will participated in his first "closed door" Tribal Gathering of the Pack in Temecula, California with the Dog Brothers in 2009, where he was inducted into the tribe. As is true of all Gathering of the Pack events,"No judges, no referees, no trophies. One rule only: Be friends at the end of the day." He is a firm believer in the DBMA credo of "Higher Consciousness through Harder Contact ©"

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